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North Alabama Bass Guide

Pre Tournament Trip ($600)

Pre Tournament Trip ($600)

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This trip is for:

  1. The hard core angler getting ready for a tournament OR
  2. Anyone that wants to learn a great process for learning how to develop a pattern on any lake.
  3. Someone that wants to learn the lake coming down for extended stay.

What is covered:

  1. A ton of water. We will cover about 2x as much water as we would during a normal 8hr guide trip.
  2. The pre-tournament prep process.
  3. How to save time on the water.
  4. Explore tournament winning patterns on the given body of water we are on.
  5. Learn how to listen to what the fish are telling you.
  6. Rod & Reel setup recommendations for various techniques we will be using IE( Rod Length, Action, Reel Gear Ratio, Line Size, Line Type, & preferred fishing knots for different line types)
  7. Usually stay between 8-10 hours depending on the day and how we feel about the preparation.
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