About Me

My name is Briana Tucker and I am twenty three years old. My grandfather introduced me to the world of bass fishing at a young age and I have been hooked ever since. I traveled and competed in high school on a local bass fishing team. After a few tournaments, I decided to quit all other sports because fishing was what I wanted to do. Upon completing high school, I was offered a fishing scholarship at a well known college in Tennessee. My college career consisted of attending class and (not so patiently) waiting to get out as soon as possible to hit the river! I fished for four years and traveled all across the country gaining important knowledge to apply to my tournament career. 

After returning home, I was still chasing the dream of fishing professionally. I jumped into the Bassmaster Opens as a boater competing in two separate divisions. This was a huge learning experience for me because the competition was on a whole other level that I had not seen before. The next year I decided to take a break from the Opens and fish the Toyota series, also spending a lot of time on my home lakes. I started captaining for a local high school team and taking kids fishing every other weekend, sometimes every other day! Having the opportunity to watch someone catch their personal best bass or reel in the biggest fish they had ever seen was amazing to me! This endeavor made me realize my passion for taking others out on the water to experience the joy and lessons fishing brings. Every day may not have been amazing, but even in the tough days there was a lesson to be learned to get better. I decided that I wanted to get my captains license and guide full time around my tournament schedule. 

After months of studying and making sure I am fully equipped, I am beyond excited to start my journey of being a guide and watching you catch fish. This is something I am very passionate about and I will do my best to make sure you have an enjoyable day on the water with me. I am well experienced with all ages and skill levels that may be interested in enjoying a day out on the lake. 

Give me a call and lets go chase some bass!

- Captain Briana Tucker