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North Alabama Bass Guide

6 Hour Bass Fishing Trip ($425)

6 Hour Bass Fishing Trip ($425)

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Welcome! This trip is great for people who want to get a full morning or full afternoon of fishing and still have time to get out and see the town! You can always extend another 2 Hours to the Full Day if you are having a blast.

Wheeler Lake, Pickwick Lake, Wilson Lake, Guntersville Lake, Smith Lake

I will always promote safety first and trips may be canceled due to high winds, severe cold, and severe weather. When fishing within 800ft below the dams we will be wearing our life jackets.

We will setup our time, location, and date of your trip. If you require multiple boats I will coordinate the arrangements. We will finalize the meeting location usually a week before your trip. We launch the boat at the closest ramp to where the fish are. All you have to do is show up ready to fish. My rods are rigged and ready for you to use. You are welcome to bring your rods if you feel more comfortable fishing with them. 

We will thoroughly discuss your goals for your trip, and we will fish as hard as we can to accomplish those goals. For morning trips we will meet as the sun rises, and get on the water to try and catch the active fish early. For afternoon trips we will usually fish until dark to fish during the low light hours.  During the winter months we may start trips later to allow for the temperature to rise for lows in the teens.

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